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What happens if a user or business fails KYC verification?

If an individual or company fails KYC verification, Marqeta escalates the verification to the KYC provider.

If supported by the KYC provider, the Marqeta platform provides the option to present user account holders with challenge questions after they initially fail verification. Challenge questions allow a higher percentage of users to pass KYC.

Challenge questions are defined by the KYC provider and returned in the KYC verification response. Challenge questions might include verifying a street address associated with the account holder, for example.

If the KYC verification result for a user returns with a questions field, you can send a PUT request to the /kyc/{token} endpoint to update the KYC verification request with answers to the challenge questions. You must obtain the answers to the challenge questions from the user. For detailed information about updating a KYC verification request with answers to challenge questions, see Update KYC with answers.

You cannot present business account holders with challenge questions.

For business account holders and user account holders for whom challenge questions are not supported, Marqeta performs a manual review. In such cases, the account holder may be required to provide additional documents as proof of identity.

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