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When responding to Gateway JIT Funding requests, what distinguishes an approval response from a denial response?

Your gateway must respond to each JIT Funding request from the Marqeta platform. When a JIT Funding message is actionable, your system can approve or deny the funding request.

  • To approve a JIT Funding request, set the HTTP response code to "200 OK".
  • To deny a JIT Funding request, set the HTTP response code to "402 Request Failed".

In either case, you must also include the jit_funding object and all required fields in your response.

For example, the body of your response should look like the following (though your exact response depends on the details of the current transaction and the configuration of your card program):

"jit_funding": {
"token": "b0a889ec-d7e2-4744-bc09-aa86b0738500",
"method": "pgfs.authorization",
"user_token": "0146434d-3c22-4906-a538-b61d39cf6f71",
"amount": "1.00",
"address_verification": {
"gateway": {
"on_file": {
"street_address": "199 Elm Street Apt #3",
"postal_code": "94612"
"response": {
"code": "0100",
"memo": "Address and postal code match"
"original_jit_funding_token": "a1a879ec-d7e2-4744-rc08-ca24b0738537",
"tags": "groceries, 77.44, countryside foods",
"memo": "Order # 12345 – Funding for 77.44 for employee R.Smith. 77.44 for groceries at Countryside Foods"

For more information, see Gateway JIT Funding Messages in the Core API Reference.


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