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How do I use the API Explorer to test endpoints in the sandbox environment?

To use the API Explorer:

  1. Go to https://auth.marqeta.com to log in to your Marqeta.com account.
  2. Go to https://www.marqeta.com/docs/api-explorer to open the API Explorer.
  3. Browse for an endpoint you want to try. For this example, we'll create a new user.
    1. Click on users.
    2. Click on POST /users.
  4. To make a request using the endpoint, click Try It Out in the upper-right corner of the endpoint widget.
  5. For this example, replace the contents of the Body field with "{ }" (an empty object). The /users endpoint does not require any body field data.
  6. Click Execute. The response data appears below the request data.


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Thanks for the feedback
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