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How am I notified of authorizations, clearings, and other transaction events?

You can use webhooks sent by the Marqeta platform to receive the latest transaction events. The Marqeta platform sends events to the webhook URL you specify.

To receive webhook notifications for all transaction events, for example, send the following POST request to /webhooks:

"token": "my_webhook_token",
"active": true,
"events": [
"config": {
"url": "https://my_secure_domain.com/webhook",
"secret": "My_20-character-min_secret",
"basic_auth_username": "my_username",
"basic_auth_password": "My_20-character-min_password"
"name": "My_Webhook_Name"

For more information, see Webhooks Management and Event Types in the Core API Reference.

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