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How do I create and retrieve the business rules that enable Commando Mode?

Commando Mode is a fallback measure that ensures Gateway JIT-funded cards continue to function in the event your system fails. If your system cannot respond to the JIT Funding request, the Marqeta platform makes a decision in your place based on defined business rules.

The /commandomodes endpoint enables you to define the conditions which programmatically turn Commando Mode on or off for a given Commando Mode control set. Send a POST to /commandomodes to create a new Commando Mode control set. Send a GET to /commandomodes/{token} to retrieve an existing Commando Mode control set.

The real_time_standin_criteria object enables you to configure which events enable Commando Mode:

  • include_connection_errors — Non-timeout connection errors.
  • include_response_timeouts — Gateway responses slower than 3000ms.
  • include_application_errors — Unexpected HTTP response codes and missing, invalid, or malformed data.

The commando_mode_enables object defines what happens when Commando Mode is enabled.

  • velocity_controls — Defines the velocity controls that take effect when Commando Mode is enabled.
  • auth_controls — Defines the authorization controls that take effect when Commando Mode is enabled.
  • program_funding_source — The unique identifier of the program funding source that substitutes for the program gateway funding source upon Commando Mode enablement.

For more information, see Commando Modes in the Core API Reference.

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