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What are the requirements for going live in a production environment with Marqeta?

To use the Marqeta platform in a production environment, you must complete several prerequisite tasks. Completing these tasks provides Marqeta with necessary context about your business, your use case, and your system's security and readiness.

Depending on your use case and desired level of control and responsibility, Marqeta can work with you in one of the following ways:

  • Processor Only: Marqeta assists with certain configuration elements, then enables you to use the platform independently.

  • Processor Plus: In addition to working with Marqeta in a processor only engagement model, you rely on Marqeta for specific requirements such as KYC or card fulfillment.

  • Program Manager: Marqeta is the program manager and manages your program for you, providing a full-service experience and configuring most of the critical resources required by your production environment.

For more information on card program requirements, see the following guides:

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