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How should my system respond to actionable vs. informative JIT Funding messages?

If your card program uses Gateway JIT Funding, your system must have (at least) two endpoints for receiving JIT Funding messages:

  • An endpoint for receiving actionable JIT Funding requests from the Marqeta platform.These synchronous messages request permission to fund a specific transaction. Most actionable requests represent an authorization for your system's approval.

  • An endpoint on your system for receiving informative event notifications; the Marqeta platform sends webhook notifications to your endpoint within seconds of each transaction that enable you to track requests, maintain balances, and resolve time-out issues.

Your system must respond to each actionable JIT Funding request with one of the following response codes:

  • To approve a JIT Funding request, set the HTTP response code to "200 OK".
  • To deny a JIT Funding request, set the HTTP response code to "402 Request Failed".

Your system must respond to each informative JIT Funding request using the "200 OK" HTTP response code.

For more information, see Gateway JIT Funding Messages in the Developer Guides.

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