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How do I create multiple cards with unique names?

To create multiple cards where each card has a unique name: 

  1. Send a POST request to the /bulkissuances endpoint to create a bulk card order. A bulk card order creates multiple card objects based on the details of your request. Each card created using /bulkissuances has a unique token generated using the format "card-numericPostfix", where numericPostfix is a randomly generated number.
  2. To print the numeric postfix on each card, set name_line_1_numeric_postfix to true.

For example, the following POST request to /bulkissuances creates 10 cards with their unique numeric postfix printed on each card.

"card_product_token": "my_card_product_02",
"card_allocation": 10,
"name_line_1_numeric_postfix": true,
"fulfillment": {
"card_personalization": {
"text": {
"name_line_1": {
"value": "Saki Dogger"

For more information, see Bulk Card Orders in the Core API Reference documentation.

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